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 B4D_-_-_ W-A-R

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PostSubject: B4D_-_-_ W-A-R   Thu Jan 29, 2009 2:44 pm

futer ? i dnt added any extra futer its just a simple kick tool with boom flooding in rum

* write ur id with pass remembor wen u typ ur password u have to mark same password chkbox then save
* click login otherways mark auto login chkbox it will login ur ids automatic
* goto control panel setup ur spy id
* chose room and click Get List otherways mark AutoGET it will get user list evrry 1 sec
* mark SET - A or SET - B and enter rum and kik user
* wen u want to flood in rum remembor do not kik b4 flooding.. wen ur flood will slow just go setup and click Re connect SET - A or - B and login again and enter rum then again click flood
* Kick all target its Currently Disable m stil working in this section bt u can try to kik all its working bt slow and remembor if u dont mark Active kick all ur kik list will not work so u have to mark Active kik all
* Thats All

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B4D_-_-_ W-A-R
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